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  • Is your sunflower lecithin organic?

    Yes Vitality Nutrition's Sunflower Lecithin is organic and GMO free

  • Question: Are the Vitality coconut capsules vegan? If so what is in the softgel?

    Answer: Yes they are vegan.  The softgel is made with extract of Irish Moss

  • Question: Is your sunflower Lecithin powder GMO free?

    Answer: Yes our sunflower lecithin powder is vegan, soya-free and made from no non-gmo sunflowers

  • Question: Are any solvents used in the processing of Galen’s Choice Cod Liver Oil?

    Answer:  No the oil from fresh livers of cod fish is steam rendered. No solvents are used in the manufacturing process and the finished product is solvent free.
  • Question: Your Galen's Choice Mushroom Defense Mix contains the dried mycelial biomass of several mushroom species. What exactly are mycelia?

    Answer: Mycelia are the vegetative parts of fungi, sort of like a mass of microscopic “sprouts” that are called hyphae. The myceliumis a network collection or bundle of filamentous hyphae. Unlike the individual hyphae, the mycelial mass is visible to the naked eye in the form of mold on various surfaces. The whole mushroom as we know it is the fruiting body of this mycelial mass of hyphae.  In biological terms, the hyphae and mycelium are the asexual phase of the lifecycle and the mushroom fruiting body is the sexual phase. The hyphae and mycelium are very important in fungi nutrition. It is through the mycelium that a fungus absorbs nutrients from its environment which allows it to “bear fruit”, creating a mushroom.
  • Question: What strength of vitamin D3 would you advise for a 27 years old female?

    Answer: In the UK 600 iu is the recommended daily allowance for Vitamin D suggested for healthy, non-medicated people aged 1-70 years old.  If you have a specific condition your health care professional may suggest that you take more.

  • Question: What is the best multivitamin and mineral supplement for a 93 year woman?

    Answer: You may find Spirulina useful, it is high in protein and contains a range of essential nutrients. The tablets are small and can also be easier to digest than large multi vitamin tablets. However,  if you have a current medical condition or are taking medication please check with your health care practitioner before taking any supplementation.

  • Question: is your Vitamin D in calcium citrate Vitamin D3?

    Answer: Yes, both the Galen's Choice and Solgar Calcium Citrate Formulas contain Vitamin D3.


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