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  • January Newsletter

    January Newsletter

    January is named after Janus, the Roman God of new beginnings and comes from the Latin word for door, as January is commonly seen as the door to the New Year...

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  • Autumn Newsletter

    Autumn Newsletter

    The leaves are falling and it seems we have to finally get used to wrapping up warm again after the beautiful Indian summer that we were gifted with. It also means it’s time to start supporting our immune system so that the flu season doesn’t catch us...

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  • March 2014

    March 2014

    Put a Spring in Your Step: New Muscle Recovery Formula; More Evidence on the Effectiveness of Vitamin D; How to Manage Sugar Cravings

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  • February 2014

    February 2014

    It's Our Birthday! This month we are celebrating. It’s been a whole year since the launch of the new and improved Online Vitamins website.

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  • January 2014

    January 2014

    New Year, New You Yes, it’s that time of the year again. We all feel sluggish after the effects of Christmas, probably suffering with cold or flu and wanting to be slim and healthy (well until March anyway). Here at Online Vitamins we can help you

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  • November 2013

    November 2013

    Here at Online Vitamins we are keeping up to date with all the latest research on vitamins and minerals. This month you will find information on how vitamin D may improve immune function, and how magnesium can help balance blood sugar levels. We are also

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  • October 2013

    October 2013

    It’s well and truly autumn now, so it’s a great time to stock up on antioxidants and joint support formulas to ensure your body is on top form in time for winter. This month we are highlighting some of our best-selling joint support formulas, and giving

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  • September 2013

    September 2013

    Here at Online VItamins we are mourning the end of Summer. It is a great time however to give yourself a bit of an MOT and prepare for the arrival of winter. We are stocking up on the multivitamins and getting our sunkissed skin back into shape with our

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  • August 2013

    August 2013

    During August we are focusing on a different kind of heat. It’s the kind of uncomfortable heat that many women of a certain age recognise and could well do without in this hot weather

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  • July 2013

    July 2013

    Lots of exciting special offers this month, including great discounts on Jason, Galen's Choice and A Vogel. All our offers this month are designed to set you up for a fabulous healthy summer. Enjoy!

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  • June 2013

    June 2013

    Great New Products for June New -Turmeric Factors Men's Health Month Hay Fever News

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  • May 2013

    May 2013

    Dr Oz Recommends Raspberry Ketones. The Results of our Green Coffee Survey. Lots of Fantastic May Giveaways.

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  • April 2013

    April 2013

    April is always a great time for new natural products, and this month there are so many great products I want to tell you about.

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  • March 2013

    March 2013

    With spring just around the corner we thought we would help put a spring in your step with some great free giveaways. This month we will be giving away a free Lavera hand cream worth £4.45 with every Lavera order over £20.00.

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  • February 2013

    February 2013

    As winter is still very much with us we are offering an exclusive free sample to get you through those grey days. A free bottle of Galen's Choice Vitamin D 1000iu 100 Softgels will be sent to you with every order you place in February.

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