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Exciting new product - Pure Collagen Peptides Powder

Pure Collagen Peptides Powder comes from grass-fed & pasture-raised cattle. The powder is allergen free, non-dairy, gluten free, sugar free, and fat free. Collagen is a protein that strengthens and supports many tissues in the body.

Collagen supports the structure of skin, bones, ligaments, and tendons in our body. Thanks to collagen, we’re better able to move, bend and stretch.

Collagen helps restore the skin’s moisture, improving the elasticity, tone and vibrancy

Both age and high physical stress on our body have impacts on collagen production. Getting collagen in a balanced diet can help our bodies regenerate what’s been lost or broken down.

When we get older, the production of collagen begins to slow down. As a result, skin can become fragile and less elastic.

In addition, hair starts losing its colour, joints aren’t as flexible and bones may lose their density. Supplementing with collagen may help you improve your body’s collagen levels.