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Quality from Start to Finish

Vitamer has a long and established history in the natural products industry. From humble beginnings on a farm in southern California, we began encapsulating dried vegetables and selling them to independent health food retailers in 1925. The company is still owned by the same family and is currently run by the fourth generation.

Vitamer are unique in the fact that we can provide small batches of premium own label supplements, as well as bespoke formulations and contract manufacturing.

We operate across the world and our labels are produced in many languages, always meeting the regulatory requirements of each individual country.

Vitamer adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and works primarily with suppliers who also meet this requirement.

We carry out complete raw material sampling, including identification and analysis, as well as Microbiological analysis to ensure all ingredients meet specifications for levels of harmful salmonella, E. coli, yeast and molds.

Additional Steps to Ensure Quality

  • Research based, high quality formulations
  • Amber coloured recyclable glass bottles to preserve freshness and maintain quality of ingredients
  • Clean label – If its in the product it’s on the label!
  • Clear allergen statements – To avoid adverse reactions
  • Best By Dates – To guarantee freshness

  • Tamper-evident sleeves to ensure consumer safety

Gluten Free Guarantee 

An estimated 12 million people follow a gluten free diet. One in 133 people has Celiac disease and more may remain undiagnosed. Food supplements may be essential for people on a gluten free diet, as gluten free diets often lack certain vitamins and minerals and many have nutrient malabsorption.

All our products labelled gluten free have undergone in-house analytical testing for gluten (tested to 10ppm, or parts per million of gluten) to ensure they are gluten free.